About Us

Greetings! We’re filmmakers located in “The New Hollywood,” or like the rest of the world likes to call it, Atlanta. We specialize in horror, grindhouse, and alternative media projects. Sometimes we also dabble in other things, like sculptures and paintings.

We’re cute and dangerous because we make cute and dangerous things.

2015-09-23Ranee Stricker
Painter, Sculptor, Writer

  • Test Group (Actor)
  • Sable’s Revenge (Writer)
  • Crime Scene (Writer)

Hobbies include: Dissections, voodoo and punk rock karaoke.

13 - 1

Jason C. Thompson (IMDb)
Writer, Director, Artist, Father.

  • Test Group (2nd Unit Director)
  • Real Resident II (Assistant Director)
  • Running with Wolves (2nd Unit Director)
  • Immortalz: Atlanta (Writer)
  • Forest of Fear (Actor & Set Design)
  • Queen of Kings (Art PA)
  • Steven King’s “Rainy Season” (Art PA)

Currently in production:

  • The First Wish (Writer)
  • Spirit of ’76 (Writer)
  • Undercarriage (Writer)
  • The Child from the Stars (Writer & Director)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Co-Writer & Producer)

Hobbies include: Poking the bear and burning bridges.

So get to clicking on that menu and take a look around the website!


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