We’re currently working on few projects. Release dates TBD as we’re self-funded.

  • Behind Closed Doors is a bit of revenge porn about a woman confronting her adulterous husband.
  • The First Wish is a short horror film about a witch and a viking, and a small series of bad decisions.
  • Undercarriage is a tale of narcissistic abuse and a voracious alien entity.
  • Sable’s Revenge” is the story of one immortal taking her hate and anger out on the one who made her the monster she is today.
  • “Spirit of ’76” is a grind-house production about two women who run into trouble as they drive an ambulance full of cocaine up the east coast of America during the bicentennial.
  • The Girl from the Stars” (working title) is a fan film based on a vintage horror comic from the 70’s. Erotic without being exploitative, action-packed without being gratuitous.

We’re also partnering up with two different production teams for some of these films. A big thanks to Femme Creatif and Saviour 6 for joining forces with us in the near future.

If you’d like to see your vision for a film, short, or music video come to life, or you’d like to consult with us about pre-production planning, we’d love for you to get in contact with us. What’s the point of becoming a success if we can’t help others do the same for themselves?


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